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 Treat your skin to an uplifting facial or herbal face massage

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Thai Herbal Facial Massage - 30 Min


Thai Herbal Face Massage - 60 Min


Q's Signature Facial - 30 Min


Q's Signature Facial - 60 Min


Q's CBD Organic Anti- Aging Facial

Using our 30mg CBD infused facial masks of your choice, anti-aging, collagen, repair, blemish or after sun along with CBD 30mg clarifying cleanser adn CBD serum and facial cream, your facial will feel and look amazing. 

Galvantic Facial

Your face is cleansed and aroma steam to open your pores then negative charged galvanic gel is applied to your face and a slight galvanic current applied. The galvanic current drives the gel into your pores cleansing and firming your skin. Your face is cleaned removing the remaining gel and then a positive charged gel is applied and galvanic current again applied to your skin driving the remaining negative charged gel from your pores and tighten the skin. Immediate results can be seen.

Galvantic Treatment added to any facial


Facials - Facial With Extractions

Excellent treatment for congested skin

Celluma Facial - 60

30 minutes of Led light therapy followed by 30 minute Signature Facial. Using red, blue and near infrared LED lights for 30 minutes per session it can reduce acne, wrinkles, arthritic pain, muscle spasm, muscle and joint pain, decrease inflammation and increase micro-circulation boosting cellular energy. Safe, proven and effective. FDA approved.

CBD Fountain of Youth Facial

Our CBD facial fountain of youth uses an all organic cbd facial cleanser, aroma steam to open your pores a CBD Mask of your choise, CBD eye pads, a CBD  serum and organic CBD moistureizer cream  to soften fine lines, reduce and promote healing of acne and other skin conditions.  We apply SPF-30  CBD suncreen to protect you from the UV sun rays. In the fountain of youth facial we use our Ultrasonic Sporophores facial machine to help serums and creams to go into your skin and our eye prob to help lessen dark blotches and bags under the eyes.

CBD Spa Facial

This CBD Facial is a step up from our Introductory CBD Facial which uses the same products with the addition of 50 mg CBD Lift & Firm Eye Cream and 100mg SPF 30 Sunscreen 

CBD Organic Anti Aging Facial


Our Anti-Aging CBD facial uses a 30 mg CBD mask, Cbd cleanser, CBD moisturizer and CBD sunscreen.  CBD Facial treatment that begins your beginning to youthful healthy skin.  Like our other CBD Facials uses all organic products.

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