Q's Spa & Salon


$195   Couples Retreat:


Start off your Couples Retreat in our double room with your 1 hour massage of your choice. Relax and enjoy the soothing music while you are being massaged with warm lotion and  hot stones around your neck and shoulders.  The warmth of the hot towels around your feet and near the end a warm hot towel on your back that slowly cools leaving you feel refreshed

Next your in your plush spa robes you are off to the relaxation room to enjoy an Aroma Steam Shower which is also equipped with body jets and a rain head. In the relaxation room you will enjoy sipping on Sparkling Burgundy Grape Juice along with a  plate of assorted crackers, cheeses, grapes and chocolates which are all pre packaged for you.

You may bring a bottle of wine with you if you prefer and we will chill it for you while you are doing your massage.